Mexico Wants Uber Set and Similar Services


Government of Mexico seems to have become the first party to make regulations for Uber's car service call in Latin America

Government of Mexico seems to have become the first party to make regulations for Uber’s car service call in Latin America

Techno Article – Mexico,  Government of Mexico seems to have become the first party to make regulations for Uber’s car service call in Latin America, after a draft legislation that prompts Uber drivers to have a special permit if apprentices in Mexico City and Uber have to pay the transport regulator.

According to a Reuters news agency report that has seen the draft regulation on Wednesday, the government will allow Uber and similar companies to receive cash payments from customers and plan a prepaid method.

Uber is required to pay judi online a transportation regulator of 1,599 pesos or about US $ 101 per year for each vehicle license that joins them. In addition, Uber was also asked to provide about 1.5 percent of the domestic revenue for the city’s transportation fund.

According to an unnamed official, the plan is still negotiable and could change before it is published. The original Uber spokeswoman Ana Paula Blanco said he was ready to meet the requested payback he was reluctant to comment on the ideal number to be paid before the rule was inaugurated.

In 2013 in 2013 and now has about 300 thousand users. According to tough leader Ruben Alcantara, Uber appears to have to pay between 3 and 5 percent of the company’s revenue for transportation funds. Mexico City is home to 140,000 taxis that have protested in the street against Uber and called for the removal. This is also done by drivers in other cities in Latin America. Members of Parliament in Sao Paulo, Brazil’s largest city, have been decided to sign Uber after being protested by local drivers and after the Sao Paulo government seized 23 vehicles since August 2014.

Attacks by taxi drivers on Uber drivers are found in Bogota, Colombia, while in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a Uber driver was shot by a taxi driver. Colombian sponsors judge Uber illegally and police have seized the car number. Uber’s party said it would continue its operations in Brazil and Colombia on grounds of strong demand in the market.

In Indonesia, Uber services are expressly unavailable. Uber because they are not yet legal entities and. Entrance Indonesia market in August 2014, has a representative office at Pacific Place 15, Sudirman Integrated Business Area, Jakarta. They have plans to build law in Indonesia and quote a 20 percent profit on each transaction received by drivers and passengers.

This Uber has not yet cited the advantages of transactions in Indonesia. “Uber driver in Jakarta can earn Rp 16 million per month,” said Alan Jiang, International Launcher and Implementer of GM Uber Jakarta, in a press conference Tuesday.

They say support the discourse of the Minister of Communications and Informatics, Rudiantara, which is considered necessary to have questions about the share price share model share who participated dilakoni Uber, Gojek, and GrabBike.

Uber in Indonesia recruits drivers from car rental companies. While individual drivers must join to register and pass the selection of the Joint Toll Business Cooperative game online who has been appointed as Uber partner in Jakarta since March 2015.

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